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Chat s Devinem

6. února 2010 v 21:09 | Ajushka |
DEVIN BRONSON : hows everyone doin?

Deck: Not too early for you is it Dev? lol
DEVIN BRONSON : i am an early riser........... been up working for a few hours

Deck: Thought I'd get it in early, we miss you in the BLC forum =(
DEVIN BRONSON: i know the blc forum was fun
fenderrocks: well, we're happy you took the time to chat with us today
DEVIN BRONSON: i need to try harder to be on twitter more but i get busy and forget
DEVIN BRONSON: sometimes you just get busy and go "oh yeah..........twitter"
DEVIN BRONSON: i havent said anything in days

fenderrocks: haha, well today you get to update us

Deck: the grammys
DEVIN BRONSON: what about them?
DEVIN BRONSON: there boring.........yes
DEVIN BRONSON: butch was awesome though jamming with taylor swift
DEVIN BRONSON: i love his version of her song
DEVIN BRONSON: she cant sing like avril though :)
DEVIN BRONSON: we need more people in here
DEVIN BRONSON: i was told this was gonna be a crazy party

fenderrocks: I know, I promoted the best I could
fenderrocks: so you guys want to start the questions?
fenderrocks: I'll ask a few "interview" types, then we can go crazy and just chat about whatever
fenderrocks: First off, can you tell us a little about how you got into the industry and what led you to choose this career path?

DEVIN BRONSON: I was just playing all the time in high school and i got asked when i was 18 to go be kelly osbournes guitarist
DEVIN BRONSON: i havent stopped yet so i guess that is how it really started

Deck: Knebworth?
DEVIN BRONSON: knebworth was amazing
DEVIN BRONSON: i almost broke my leg jumping from the stage to the long ramp
DEVIN BRONSON: the singer from the darkness afterward said " sweet jump had me nervous"
DEVIN BRONSON: from there it was treble charger, avril, aly and aj, pink, blc,
DEVIN BRONSON: loads of records
DEVIN BRONSON: music for tv
DEVIN BRONSON: ashley parker angel too i forgot......... that was actually insane fun touring with him

Marion: In the future do you play for Pink again or not ??
DEVIN BRONSON: im not sure
DEVIN BRONSON: she is amazing
DEVIN BRONSON: im a lead guitarist and she already has a great guitarist
DEVIN BRONSON: she needed more of a rhythm player

fenderrocks: What has been your favorite touring experience?
DEVIN BRONSON: so many great experiences
DEVIN BRONSON: so many i dont even remember
DEVIN BRONSON: i will see a photo of a party somewhere and remember and go ........."oh shit! that night was amazing. "

Marion: where is the perfect hm fans in the show ?? the most fun ?
DEVIN BRONSON: paris, knebworth, tokyo, china fuck everywhere...........
fenderrocks: didn't you steal Butch's bus once? or someone's bus
DEVIN BRONSON: i stole LL cool Js van at a fashion rocks party in nyc
DEVIN BRONSON: the band and i needed to go somewhere and i just went out and jacked it

fenderrocks: You spoke about a possible solo career in one of our Q&As, any more thoughts on that?
DEVIN BRONSON: i always want that
DEVIN BRONSON: but i love working with talented people any way i can though
DEVIN BRONSON: i just did a sessions yesterday with lee sklar and brooks wackerman who are two of the sickest musicians ever
DEVIN BRONSON: all those experiences are great
DEVIN BRONSON: i would love to just be a guitarist like eddie van halen or something but if i cant find a great singer i might have to try and do it myself

fenderrocks: We'd love to see your collection of guitars, any possibility of a video tour or pictures?
DEVIN BRONSON: i have so many guitars it would take a day to show you
DEVIN BRONSON: i just bought a 1955 les paul jr which is amazing
DEVIN BRONSON: deryck has one and told me all about them

Marion: you think one day you stay with a band or singer or you want all time change do many thing for many band or singer ?
DEVIN BRONSON: if i could be in a band like muse i would stop everything and do that
DEVIN BRONSON: if i cant do that i want to work with loads of talented people and learn and grow from all of them
DEVIN BRONSON: i am in the process of looking a new web admin person and doing a more interactive website

fenderrocks: speaking of Deryck, we heard he was mixing a song for you, any more info on that?
DEVIN BRONSON: deryck is an amazing at writing producing and mixing
DEVIN BRONSON: i was talking to him about mixing a band i was working with but he is very busy

Marion: you see him sometimes ? or call ect... ??
DEVIN BRONSON: im very close with avril and deryck
DEVIN BRONSON: we all live in LA and hang a bunch so its fun

fenderrocks: Evan and Deryck have been working on Avril's new album, can we expect to see you in the credits as well?
DEVIN BRONSON: im not sure yet
DEVIN BRONSON: i have been working on developing new bands/artist for most of 2009

Marion: do you think you can working for band or singer in the world ? France, Uk and other ??
DEVIN BRONSON: i will work with anyone anywhere
fenderrocks: have you heard Evan's changes to the album?
DEVIN BRONSON: his album?
DEVIN BRONSON: he did some new songs that are great

Marion: what do you think about Starbucks Girl Devin ??

DEVIN BRONSON: i could never do that song because i am not cute like evan and i would be a creepy guy doing it
DEVIN BRONSON: evan is crazy talented and i loved doing the blc record with him

fenderrocks: do you think you'll tour with Ev any for this album?
DEVIN BRONSON: no i wont tour with him
DEVIN BRONSON: maybe do a few shows
DEVIN BRONSON: his bro drew is playing with him and is a great guitarist

Marion: and for Avril? any tour plans ??
DEVIN BRONSON: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

fenderrocks: haha, have you heard "Alice" what do you think?
DEVIN BRONSON: alice is very cool........ different.
DEVIN BRONSON: i like that she did a non obvious movie song like that dark
DEVIN BRONSON: tim burton loved it

Tsuua: Do you prefer playing on tour or doing sessions?
DEVIN BRONSON: i like both
DEVIN BRONSON: i am wanting to get on the road and tour though
DEVIN BRONSON: im ready to party
DEVIN BRONSON: meet fans hang
DEVIN BRONSON: love fans

fenderrocks: how do you like the new Sum41 stuff?
DEVIN BRONSON: Love the new sum
DEVIN BRONSON: you guys are gonna shit when you hear this record

fenderrocks: Do you get to hang out with Tom any? he's hilarious
DEVIN BRONSON: tom i dont know that well but we have hung out a bit

fenderrocks: I told him we were doing your chat first and he said you were in trouble
fenderrocks: hey I just found your Carvin interview this morning, you need to do more interviews like that
DEVIN BRONSON: i always feel so awkward doing those

cata: Where your parents in bands themselves from that time or involved with any producing ?
DEVIN BRONSON: my dad is a pianist and my grandfather was a big band arranger
Marion: but you play on carvin guitar ? i think you play the most on fender
DEVIN BRONSON: i play lots of different gits
DEVIN BRONSON: gibson fender carvin james trussart vox jerry jones

fenderrocks: that vox gutiar on your FB looks sweet
DEVIN BRONSON: those gutiars are sweet
DEVIN BRONSON: i will be doing a big show in a few weeks on tv and you will see it

Deck: BLC are still waiting for your series of 'guitar videos' you said you'd do. lol. Any chance you'll do them now?
DEVIN BRONSON: i am going to wait till i am out on tour and do them from shows
Marion: what your parents your sister, bro about your career ?
DEVIN BRONSON: they love it
fenderrocks: have you had to use your brass knuckles the Ev gave you yet?
DEVIN BRONSON: no.......brass knuckles are illegal in LA so i would go to jail
Marion: Devin you speak other language ??
DEVIN BRONSON: no other language
fenderrocks: what was the name of that green juice, I forgot now, booster or something
DEVIN BRONSON: wheatgrass
DEVIN BRONSON: is amazing!!!!!!

Deck: I remember Dev trying to get Ev in trouble by throwing the cards at the studio walls
DEVIN BRONSON: evan and i always get in trouble with weapons
DEVIN BRONSON: ask him about us trying to buy shotguns and ski
masks at big 5 sporting goods
Laura: did you ever get in trouble for throwing those cards on the studio wall?

DEVIN BRONSON: no we didnt get in trouble
DEVIN BRONSON: john fields never knew

Marion: do you play video games ? and what you play ?
DEVIN BRONSON: i dont play any video games
DEVIN BRONSON: well.........
DEVIN BRONSON: nintendo wii golf sometimes but thats it
DEVIN BRONSON: ..............lets get the good questions

cata: what are the best and worst things about living in LA ?
DEVIN BRONSON: LA is amazing
DEVIN BRONSON: worst thing is all the fucking wannabee celebrities running around thinking there the shit for being famous for nothing

Deck: Are you singing in anything we can download? I don't remember hearing
you sing before.

DEVIN BRONSON: im not sure
DEVIN BRONSON: there is a new album coming out next month i might be singing on i can get the link up for when it does

fenderrocks: with morrison? or someone else
DEVIN BRONSON: a singer songwriter
Deck: A secret???
diki03: what's your favourite guitar solo of all time?
DEVIN BRONSON: favorite guitar solo

Deck: Do you have any defo shows this year you can tell us about?
DEVIN BRONSON: i am going to have a lot of shows this year which you will know about when i get the word i am allowed to tell
Marion: for Avril we know :P:)
DEVIN BRONSON: marion is on to something
Marion: Devin do you remember of the secret code on the forum ? ahah :P ?
Marion: it was Space Dock
DEVIN BRONSON: who are your guys favorite new bands?
fenderrocks: I'm still a sucker for Sum41, I don't know many of the new bands
Marion: Sums yeah
Laura: oh, I do: Everly
Veronika_With_K: is Paramore a new band? then Paramore
diki03: hm... i dont like new bands. i listen to bullet for my valentine a lot recently
fenderrocks: paramore's new album was good, gob is recording soon, op md coming out this year
Tsuua: yeah, Everly

DEVIN BRONSON: check out karnivool
DEVIN BRONSON: Lights Over Paris
DEVIN BRONSON: dead weather
DEVIN BRONSON: shinedown

Laura: band's you're working with?
DEVIN BRONSON: Lights over paris is a band whos record i did last year and they are about to blow up huge
DEVIN BRONSON: we did songs with kevin rudolph and are gonna have "the game" rap on a track

fenderrocks: what kind of writing did you do for morrison?
DEVIN BRONSON: the whole album for morrison
DEVIN BRONSON: me and a producer did the record with a few other writers
DEVIN BRONSON: i gotta run guys
DEVIN BRONSON: love you all
DEVIN BRONSON: lets do it again in a few months
DEVIN BRONSON: follow my twitter therealdevinb

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