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Hlasuj pro mě v SONB ***TADY*** sem tam jako Ajushka =)

Soda Monday????

2. února 2010 v 11:04 | Ajushka |  xxx.. Soda
Yes yes I know I'm getting bad at this. maybe it should become Soda Monday. Or Soda Saturday. It's just gotten slippery and tricky for me to settle down after the uStream and actually gather my thoughts properly enough to tackle the blog on the level of greatness I feel you deserve.

I'd say that the Grammy's, Obama, the iPad and other news items seem to be making this week giant but the truth is that the one item really buzzing up my forums and our family is: "Starbucks Girl" some of you LOVE. some of you HATE. some of you REALLY REALLY hate. and btw, I'm cool with all of that! I just saw the first cut of the video and i'm fucking STOKED to release it(iTunes 2/9!!) We're going to need YOUR help big to make this shit take the crown from "Merry Swiftmas" and since I'm not ready to be remembered as a country artist the rest of my life I'm really counting on us to come through! February isn't just short and sweet, doesn't have only Valentines day chocolates and lots of pink, but it will mark the beginning of the W2BLC 2.0 push. I'll admit, it was right around this time last year where we were gearing up to take "Boy Meets Girl" head first hard to radio and I was preparing for glorious triumph over the entire music business but the results were unfortunately a little less than my ambitions and after being successfully smacked down we've collected, planned, retreated and prepared to attack from another angle. This time, they'll never know what hit em. See, the one thing I'll give myself credit for is this, if I want it, I'm never giving up. NEVER. I don't give a FUCK about statistics, about how hard it is, about the chances, about if people think I'm crazy or not. I'm not stopping until my record is huge and we've finally gotten what we wanted! "Swiftmas" "Starbucks" "Pumpkin Pie" sounds like a Martha Steward special or something but instead its my 1..2..3.. punches of "Hi, I'm Evan, nice to meet you" :-) good news is this, we'll back it. anyway, not sure whats up this week other than getting the SG vid uploaded and ready to spread like wildfire and then conspiring where we go next from that point. They'll be a behind the scenes as always, the remix contest 2/16 and more but I'm just stoked!! Has been fun, I'm just glad that out of my down time came two new songs that we get to mess with,

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Čusíík, máš u mě diplík :
Písni jak se ti líbí x*

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