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Soda Sunday Thirty Eight

8. února 2010 v 17:21 | Ajushka |  xxx.. Soda
Justttttanotherrsodaaasundaayyyyy (sung like that monday song).
So.... read read but prepare to sleep sleep because you're going to need your rest this week. First thing tomorrow AM we're giving away "starbucks girl" via which means that most likely within the next 12-24 hrs you'll be listening to the mp3 and be able to take it anywhere(and send it anywhere) you want! If you love it THAT much you can buy it on iTunes when its available.

oh, right. so you'll be re-tweeting the SHIT out of the link though right? cause the more downloads, the faster my album gets out!(i'm actually quite serious)
Tuesday am we're keeping you fresh with the full HD video on YouTube. it'll be easily findable by going to anytime, anywhere, on any browser so I hope you're ready to watch! (i guess what I really hope is that you enjoy it). We worked INSANELY hard on the video, Laura Mende and Emilio Martinez in particular as well as Matt Ruggeri and I couldn't be happier. The few friends I've shown it to think its our best video yet which makes me super stoked! Big thanks again to The Village Bakery and Cafe' (dot com) for letting us use their amazing location.
Lets get the video a million plays by valentines day, whadda ya say??? I'd bribe you but you already know I've got goodies for you anytime we hit thresholds like that so just rock it for me would ya?
We've got some cool things coming with a twibbon(wait for us to hit you with the art/contest etc....) and who knows WHAT'LL happen next week on uStream so I'm feeling pretty fucking excited.
I guess my mind is very very focused on Starbucks Girl right now(which is RARE for my usually psycho adhd self) but I just wanna make this shit explode! Lets take Swiftmas and trump it.
what else what else. had a ridiculously great conversation today that made me feel superb. bottom line is this, the night it darkest just before dawn, and what we've got coming this year is going to put em all down for good. (what the fuck is he talking about?) I'm not entirely sure myself, I'm just glad I'm about to take any and all signs of stagnation that have accumulated over the past 5 years and smash them so violently with a sledgehammer that the repercussions may be felt for perpetuity.
thats all I got. CAPS LOCKED

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